Friday, December 7, 2007

DRAFT Vision: Our Common Intention

Nature moves us. In it we feel a deep, spiritual connection to our Creator and the world around us. Our faith and our values drive us to understand these interconnections in our lives and in life. They also inspire us to act in ways that sustain what is positive and wholesome (i.e. that which is good and what brings us closer to our Creator) and to curb the negative consequences of our actions, on everything and everyone we are connected to.

We cannot do this alone. Our group is one of many networks we look to for support, inspiration and action. We aim to foster a broader dialogue around these issues of wholeness, interconnection and sustainability in our communities. All people are an equally inextricable part of the natural world. Sustainability, as we understand it, is a concept that encompasses issues of equality, social justice and human rights.

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TMRII said...

Excellent event on the 7th! I look forward to the next meeting.

On a related note and a follow-up to a comment made during the gathering, below please find a link to the "Meaningful Travel" site.

I recognize that our personal efforts should begin at home but for those of you who are interested in such travel and helping abroad I provide the following site -

Many of their trips are geared towards groups and families. Actually, Maha, Taj, and I are considering one of these trips to coincide with his spring break. We are putting feelers out to friends and family to see if there is interest for a group trip.

Please take a look at your leisure.