Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my intention

when i was younger, my father once told me that aside from the Qur'an, God had provided humankind with another revelation similar in its stunning beauty and call for intense reflection. by giving the natural world a closer reading, I have come more in touch with my fitra, in touch with what makes me human.

while i find discomfort in the distance I have come from my own fitra, as a teacher i find the situation of many of my students and their families ever more distressing. diabetes, obesity, asthma, and generally poor nutrition plague our inner city communities. being 'green' should not be a luxury, a yuppie fad, or a state of mind that is awakened only in the wilderness of the burbs. it is a consciousness that is lived in every setting. for me, the wholeness that environmental consciousness requires includes being an active member of a more whole community.

i embrace the environment not only as a miracle and revelation of God entrusted to me to maintain, but an equalizer humbling those of different classes, races, and religions to cooperate for our collective future.

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Sabira said...

nicely said; a great reflection on the connection between ourselves and "nature". this collective effort, like u said, should not be limited to a yuppy fad. generations of people lived with this reverence and interconnectedness. its what kept them in tact and whole. inshallah this group will help us move back in that direction.