Monday, March 10, 2008

Green in 30 Minutes or Less...

"A list of the town's biggest water wasters, and the only non-laundromat on here is... hold on to your turbans...Mercy Mosque!"

My friend, let's call him M. Rafique, or maybe Muizz R. is less obvious, got me started on watching "Little Mosque on the Prairie," the widely publicized Canadian Muslim sitcom. After watching a few episodes here and there, a few questions came to mind. Namely: Are Muslims or Canadians cornier? And what about Muslim Canadians?

But there are some moments which offer a unique window into Muslim communities in the West which are worth viewing. One episode in particular I thought was relevant to post here. The movement to create a uniquely (North) American Muslim culture is an organic and ever developing process. Same too for the burgeoning Muslim environmental movement. In the episode pasted above, the two intersect for a TV experience that some would say is before its time. But for most of us, its long overdue.

While "Little Mosque" may have all the trappings of a Muslim camp skit, it has done a decent job of tackling a variety of issues related to the still growing Muslim community. Here, the issue of abusive wudu practices will hit home for anyone who has waded through damp, mildewy wudu areas before. By the time the end credits roll, the mosque is greened, and made handicapped accessible to boot.

If only all Muslim issues could be dealt with so effectively in half an hour time slots...

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ahmada said...

Wow that episode took an unexpected turn in the last 10 minutes.