Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Common Niyyah 3.0

A few of us got together again last week to work on our common niyyah (intention) for the DC Green Muslims effort. This is, by definition, a work in progress... both because this is a growing group of people whose fresh insight is always welcome and because niyyahs need to be revisited and reaffirmed from time to time.

So here's version 3.0, if you will. You'll notice that the first paragraph has not changed, but the second paragraph now includes points on building relationships, networks and enacting change in our lives and the world around us. Please take the time to review and comment on this version of our niyyah here on the blog, or send suggestions to

Nature moves us. In it we feel a deep, spiritual connection to our Creator and the world around us. Our faith and our values motivate us to be more aware of our surroundings and understand the interconnections in our lives and in life. They also drive us to nourish that which is positive and wholesome (i.e. the good which brings us closer to our Creator) and to curb the negative consequences of our actions, on everything and everyone we are connected to.

Our group is one of many networks coming together around common values and collective action, building meaningful relationships and strength in the process. We believe the small changes we make, in ourselves and in our lives, have a wide ripple effect. Our environmental work will be an entry-point to affect profound and lasting change in our communities and country on issues ranging from education and health to economics and social justice, insha’Allah.

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