Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reflect... and Give Thanks

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It was a hot and humid morning on our 'Global Muslim Day Hike' the week before last. See all Waqar's great pics of the event here! In fact, without the trees overhead I'm not sure how we could've finished that hike. So we give thanks for the trees... and, indeed, for the breeze.

More than one person on the hike made mention of that cool breeze that seemed to come out of nowhere in the forest. You all remember that? It actually felt like a shaft of cool air as we stepped through it, more so than a breeze. Here's what one of the hikers had to say:

As the wind offered us some relief from the heat, I remembered the analogy made in The Vision of Islam between the wind and our spirits. I wondered how the wind feels when it is not doing its windy thing... does it feel like we do when our spirits feel low or empty? Then I thought what it would feel like if the wind was blowing all the time. Would its beauty be appreciated? I immediately gave thanks for the lows... and for where I am today, hamdillah.

So we all give thanks for the chance to reflect on nature... and to reflect on what it reflects. I give thanks for this friend who reflected on how the heat and humidity in the low points of our journies need to be there for us to feel the cool comfort of the high points on the path. So we give thanks for them both. alHamduliLlah.

(Written by Mohamad A. Chakaki)

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