Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrating Ramadan and Awaiting Autumn

The Ramadan crescent, Hayward Hills, Hayward, CA (September 2008)

As we wait for those crisp cool autumn mornings, DC Green Muslims are taking some time to recharge and reflect this Ramadan on our progress, both personally and as a group, since last year. Part of that reflection process is taking place on our sister-blog the Ramadan Compact, a "buy-nothing" experiment from one Ramadan to the next.

As Mohamad mentioned, things came together for us last Ramadan with an iftar and informal dinner discussion in Nadia J’s apartment. This was our first green dinner, with about 10-15 people, which has grown to dinners with 100-150 people centered around themes ranging from water to clothes to food, masha'Allah!

In addition to the dinners, we've also organized and participated many other activities, documented on this blog -- hikes, films, community projects, museum and farm visits, and national conventions. All this wouldn't possible without the ideas, the support and the tireless effort of everyone in our network, alhamdulillah -- thank you!

As the DC Green Muslim network continues to grow, we're taking some time to assess where we are, where we’re going, and who we are in the process. And also continuing to organize some fun activities for the next couple of months:
  • a horseback riding adventure (more info)
  • a talk on fair trade and sustainable coffee ("coffee talk," that is)
  • another walk in Marvin Gaye Park in October (stay tuned for exact date and details)
  • and Green Dinner (#6!) in November
Do let us know if you'd like to participate in any of these activities. Until then, Ramadan kareem!

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