Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Niyyah

My love for the outdoors, and the natural world, is a classic case of nature vs. nurture. On one hand, I believe this deep connection is encouraged in Islam, and inside each and every one of us. On the other, my love for nature has been conditioned by my father, who also loved nature-and wanted to give his wife a break from their six kids. Perhaps he felt that the racket of a rambunctious family was muted (however momentarily) by the rustle of the soaring trees, or by the calming sound of water lapping against rocks. He gave us the gift of tranquility, teaching us to sit in stillness and awe of God's creation in all its vast scope and beauty. Today, nature is where I go to be still, when I need to re-center.

I am a Green Muslim because I want to be a part of the change I desire for my community and humanity at large. Spirituality for me is recognizing my connection to all creation, and translating all commandments of my faith in action. Islam challenges us to a higher consciousness, to reach for our highest self, and in that, we begin to see past ourselves and fulfill our duty as caretakers of all creation, including each other.

One of my favorite hadith/sayings of the Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is to "want for your brother/sister what you want for yourself". This blog, this group, and our intention is Inshaallah the beginning of many ways we, individually and collectively, personify this saying. Among other things, I want to help preserve the beauty and nature I associate with some of my best childhood memories, for future generations.

My intention in joining Green Muslims is to meet and work alongside people wanting to make a positive change in the community, and to share this experience with as many people as we can.

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NJArtitecture said...

this is a beautiful niyyah zaynab, mA. i enjoyed reading it ... :)