Monday, October 6, 2008

Inner Landscapes

The verses of the Qur'an are called ayaat, literally signs. As some of the ayaat in the Qur'an state, signs (or ayaat) can also be found on earth, in the horizons and within our selves.

"And in the earth, there are signs for those who (seek truth to) believe, and in your own selves! So, you do not perceive? And in the heavens, there is your sustenance and all that you have been promised." (51:20-22, see also 41:53)

Through these verses, we understand that there are signs in the world both within and without – an outer and inner landscape – that are means for us to reflect on our own creation and remember our Creator.

This concept of an "inner landscape," coupled with frequent references from a few of our proud Southern members to the landscape of where they're from (Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee...), got us thinking...

How do these outer, physical landscapes speak to us? What do they say? How are they connected to our inner landscapes? In other words, how do the hills and valleys of a land feed the spirit of someone who's grown up there?

A few of us decided to answer these questions in the form of blog posts. They're all labeled "Inner Landscapes." Enjoy them! ...and tell us where you're from! What's the landscape there like? What does it say about your inner landscape?

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