Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shady DC Recycling?

the rumor mill (which i'm unabashedly perpetuating here) in my office building has it that dc doesn't actually recycle. i imagine this is somewhat a sensational account with some certain truths in it. the official stats are that my building does recycle. but that the garbage guys perhaps don't. so now it comes down to a matter of trust- do i trust the dusty dc cogs and wheels to actually recycle the stuff i put out there? one office here certainly doesn't- an employee hauls their paper off personally in his car to his local recycle center. but i don't have a car and it's impractical to carry officeloads of junk (cough, i mean recyclables) through the various modes of transportation i use to commute.

i'm not a recycling junkie (whether i should be is another story). i love putting stuff through the shredder and opt for new pads of paper instead of reusing scrap. i also get annoyed at having to rinse out aluminum/plastic cans/bottles (admit it- you do too). i just think that offices use way too much paper and that it shouldn't have to take up ungodly amounts of space in landfills.

one more thing:
you know what use i don't mind seeing trees donate of their resources to? paper ballots. my county uses computers, and i think i speak for more than just myself when i say that it makes people uneasy for good reason. happy election day!


laura said...

I've heard that sometimes they don't actually recycle the recyclables because people are putting too many non-recyclable items in...

stmargaretsdc said...

DC definitely recycles - but you are right to be wary of what service your building uses. You should check out the carbonfreedc worksop ok dec 2 which is all about local recycling issues. Go to http://www.carbonfreedc.com to learn more and RSVP.