Thursday, December 25, 2008

less money less problems?

if notorious was right, then we're in for a ride, but the good kind. a national sobering up of sorts. don't get me wrong- layoffs and second jobs are no joke. but maybe the silver lining of this economic (social?) shift is a re-discovered sense of priority, thrift, and values. and not just with money, either.

i find it frustrating that whenever people want to "hang out" it ends up with a movie ($) or eating out ($$). it's not bothersome because it costs money so much as we tend to equate spending quality time with spending money- we give but we don't get. no trickle down economics there, buddy. just a slow accumulation of emotional debt.

we've built our culture in such a way where we start to take as reality the ridiculous notions of commercials where clothes, credit cards, or cars equal happiness. mastercard uses reverse psychology to make itself out *not* to be a shark (priceless my foot), but it's time to take a step back. it's the jump scene in a horror movie- time to register the shock, delayed though the reaction may be.

happily, being "green" can help. i will share just one thing, one that i've enjoyed quizzing my saturday school students on until they know the exact number. did you know it's sunnah to use approximately 24 ounces (that's like, one really big glass) of water to make wudu? if anyone remembers that sesame street sketch where the fish's pond starts losing water because of the child running the tap while brushing his teeth- that always resonated with me. it's adab (manners, way of conducting yourself), it's common sense, it's closer to our fitra (natural disposition), and it might take practice but if we manage to make it into habit, we can lead simpler and more fulfilling lives.

lives, perhaps, where we can focus on our personal relationships and our closeness to God rather than our bank accounts.


Hasnain said...

interesting take. although I believe its Master Card and not AmEx, point noted ;)

DrePhd said...

Excellent post, I couldn't agree with you more. I believe that there is a "Debt" judgment being enforced from Wall Street to Main Street and in the long term this purging will be good for us.

hijabihoodlum said...

thanks hasnain; it took me a while, but i fixed it!

Sabira said...


Def. I agree with what you said, don't feel like I need to repeat any of it :)
....SIKE. I like to talk/ rant!

(About the hanging out part: I saw a movie with my husband and some friends and it cost us over $20!!!!! This is where the Library is your FRIEND--free movies, CD's, books when you need 'em.)

I fee like almost ALL of the "Go Green" tips can be summarized into being frugal, finding replacements, re-considering what we REALLY need to be purchasing. When we spend on things that we don't truly need, we just put more burdens on ourselves...You end up with a house full'a junk, bills on ze credit card, ec etc. Maaaan I could say a whole lot more. You can't buy peace-of-mind, confidence, happiness, or love, no matter ow much they try to sell i to us!

OK I'm done for now :)