Wednesday, February 4, 2009

red, black, blue....and green!

sooo, how about that new president, eh? dc was abuzz with swarms of people on january 20th, and lucky me i got to experience it from the warmth of my office, just on the other side of that there capitol. i want to give a shout out to the good Lord for live streaming.

my being at work on the 20th came at a price though. it meant i was in dc all day the 19th, that night at a friend's on the hill, and all day the 20th- right smack in the middle of inaugural happenings (ie, waaayy too many people). those who know me know i am not city. translation: too much pavement too often makes me a grouch. and my theory has always been that it's true, to varying degrees, for everyone. you might *claim* you're not a nature-y type, but spend a few days (longer if you're stubborn) without traffic, bricks walls, street lights, and sewers, and tell me that again. i'm not trying to open the technology can of worms here; i'm just saying that it is human nature to enjoy things green, alive, and, well, natural. so when sarah i. sent this article out, i felt nicely justified in my beliefs. challenge away though, if you wish - there's a comment box for a reason!

and you mighta thought obama was black, but actually, the man is green. take from that what you will, but he's on a mission. impossible? maybe. though after 8 years of the equivalent of an "i can't heaarr youuu" coming out of the west wing, this is pretty cool. personally, obama's brand of environmentalism worries me because i think the american people need to understand its ramifications- i won't be a dissenting voice, at all, but much needs to be said and done in the way of kind education for a people that are still reeling from being told that global warming (call or define it what and how you will) doesn't exist.