Friday, March 27, 2009

speaking of beginnings and spring...

there's this nifty event going on this sunday. it's interfaith. it's environment. that makes it pretty awesome, right? and you the reader must know by now that just about anything awesome in the district has 'dc green muslims' written allll over it- or at least, in this case, written in the list of co-sponsors :) we certainly cannot take credit for this event but we *love* it and wish to be a part of it.

if i might say so, i think they've picked a great time for the event- a sunday evening! so go ahead- you know you want to. i'll be there. info is below, find the link, register, and we'll see you there :-)

Oh and YES, there's more info at the link. Spread the word, bring a friend.

The Link (for those wary of embeds):

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Faraz Khan said...

Salam Alaikum,

I have been working in the environmental field and have been active for a number of years and heard about your group from Rabbi Natti at Columbia Univ.

Long story short, I would like to know more about the group and perhaps collaborate on some of the projects or green movement in Islam.

Let me know: