Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 4- Waste

Welcome to day 4 of No Impact Week, Thur Oct 22nd! The third day is all about the waste we generate throughout our daily lives.
Please use the information below in addition to the No Impact Project's Manual (alongside the DC Green Muslims No Impact Manual).
Remember each day builds upon the previous one, so keep up what you have been doing today and previous days and add to it with what you do tomorrow as well.

General Tips

No WasteTry it out. Generate no waste and find a reusable or recyclable way of disposing all of your waste. This includes anything that can be thrown into a trash‐can.

Islamic Inspiration:

“Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed)that the hands of men have earned, that (Allah) may give them ataste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back(from Evil)” (30:41)

“But waste not in excess: for Allah loveth not the wasters”(6:141), (7:31)


In the U.S., 4.39 pounds of trash per day and up to 56 tons of trash per year are created by the average person.Every year we fill enough garbage trucks to form a line that would stretch from the earth, halfway to the moon. Almost 1/3 of the waste generated the U.S. is packaging. Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.Every year, Americans make enough plastic film to shrink‐wrap the state of Texas. Americans throw away enough aluminum cans to rebuild our commercial air fleet every three months, and enough iron and steel to supply all our nation's automakers every day.
Each year, Americans trash enough office paper to build a 12‐ foot wall from Los Angeles to New York City. Americans toss out enough paper & plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times.As of 1992, 14 billion pounds of trash were dumped into ocean annually around the world. Only two manmade structures on Earth are large enough to be seen from outer space: the Great Wall of China and the Fresh Kills landfill.For more facts go to Clean Air Council:

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m said...

I switched to paperless billing with my credit card company. They were also offering a chance to win $25,000 if I made the change, so that was an added perk. Also, 15 prizes of $1,000. But anyway. It got me thinking about how much e-stuff saves paper!

Sarah said...

I use so many napkins! I am contemplating buying a handkerchief like the olden' days.

Munjed said...

i'm declining some lucrative time magazine subscriptions offers (56 issues for just $20, plus i'd get a free gift)... so much paper wasted in magazine publishing..

other than that, i'm trying to be more conscious of what i do and the effects that come from them, especially regarding waste..

Ibrahim said...

What do we waste? I think the existential questions can be pretty important (our time? our intentions or best shots? our goodwill or opportunities? our initiative? our spirits?), but I know we're focusing this week on physical, tangible conservation.

Tried to cut out new bags at the grocery store today but I had forgotten to bring my own from home (yes Nouf, you were right : )) - picked up a reusable one.

But paper use is really - at least in my job - what I think I feel worst about. And it might not work out, but there's one routine piece of paper use I go through at work that I'm going to try to cut out - might be able to shave off a few paper pages a day in what I use and, I hope, being more mindful will help me see other ways.

Another Sarah said...

I convinced my internship supervisor to start a recycling bin at work (I'm a card-carrying recycling nazi). Also, ever since reading an article about how much excess wood pulp, excess energy, and excess processing goes into making the supersoft toilet paper we all love so much (like charmin), I've tried to cut back on how much I buy, so now I alternate between the regular, soft toilet paper I'm used to and the more environmentally-conscious ones. The latter is not great, and i admit it's tough letting go of the charmin, which is why i'm making this a slow and gradual change. taking baby steps is the way that works best for me and actually gets me to change. Switching to earth-friendly paper towels is a lot easier. Ditch the bounty bald guy...