Monday, October 19, 2009

Day One

I probably won't make it for the end of week potluck so I'm just sharing my little experience of No Impact Week here instead. Nothing big,

So it seems I actually started this project yesterday without knowing. I was invited to a babyshower for a beautiful mother to-be. I ended up making the card and offering a massage as the gift (but I still feel like I need to buy something--but it will be a USEFUL and organic little something).

Today, I stopped off at a thrift store looking for inexpensive wall art for my living room. Didn't find anything I was crazy for so I just left. And didn't go to an expensive store either (I actually did on Saturday, but didn't buy anything then either. So I started on Saturday! Yay for me!)

As for foods, I guess I did pretty good: bought some organic bread, cabot cheese which sports both halal and kosher labels on the front (score), canned and frozen veggies (they're not fresh or organic but they sure are cheaper when you're at Giant--btw have I mentioned that the Korean store is AMAZING for fresh produce?? So much selection and such low prices). I decided to forgoe the frozen juices my husband requested (um, first ingredient is corn syrup followed by sugar thankyouverymuch), and all the sweets. Inshallah I'll be baking something from scratch instead. My own bag? Check. The only other thing I coulda done was walk to the store from my apartment, but I was already out driving (muhahah, driving is later on in the week, so we'll see what I do about that).

This topic of consumption is important to me b/c I always used to be pretty good about not buying--I barely bought anything in fact. Recently, however, I've been feathering my nest and catching up to things I never really used to purchase. It didn't go out of hand but its been more than I have ever done before.


Munjed said...

Salaam Sabira! Thank you so much for your post.. Reading how you went about decreasing your consumption was definitely inspiring.. Please keep sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I wanted some cranberry-grape drink. I forgot I asked you to get me some (and you hadn't got it) until I read your posting. I guess I'm part of "no impact" week without even realizing it. Grrrrr.

-Your HFCS-loving husband

sabijo said...

Thanks Munjed :)

And to "Anonymous", AKA my darling, HFCS-loving husband, that's whatchya get when I'm doing the groceries! At least I'm making pumpkin pie :)